Here I’ve shared a collection of wishes to serve as inspiration & navigation on your quest of adornment. What I cherish most are not material objects, however I would be delighted to receive a gift from you, and know you want to make me feel extra-special. 

I accept with gratitude. I appreciate even the smallest gesture.

If you would like to send a gift requiring a physical mailing address, please inquire here. may be used to deliver any e-gift cards.

Please contact me with any queries regarding your interest in contribution to my education, sponsoring lessons or conferences. 

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Bust: 34DD / 34E
Dress: 4 US / Small
Ring: 7
Shoe: 10 US / 41 EU

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If chosen to spend our time together volunteering: I would like to extend you a 15% fee reduction and tell you I am impressed already. Keep up the pace!

 If you wish to learn, ask about ways to support my personal initiatives, and goals. If you’d like to make a donation on my behalf, I suggest taking a look at We all need to be reminded to be more loving sometimes, and to spread kindness. Just a smile can mean more to someone than we would ever imagine.

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Creating beautiful and peaceful environments comes naturally to me. I cherish all moments spent at home.


Even throughout adulthood, play is vital. We all need more laughter and moments of lightness.

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