Frequently Asked Questions

What are your Cancellation + Deposit policies?

A percentage based deposit is expected and subtracted from the total investment, 25% is required, while 50% is required for travel.  This deposit is the ONLY WAY to solidify ANY plans.  If I should ever have to cancel, your deposit will be returned within 24 hours. A cancellation made with a 72 hour or less notice will be penalized with a 50% forfeiture of deposit. 100% of the deposit will be forfeited if a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the day of confirmed date.

What’s proper consideration etiquette? I want to know the perfect form!

Within the first few minutes this should be taken care of.  Present the consideration nestled within an envelope which you’ve labeled the word “GIFT”, or “SUMMER”.  When meeting in a public area please have either a gift bag, thank you card, or book for a discreet way of presenting consideration. It would be uncouth to force me to ask, or for you to attempt discussing finances.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

With exception of the required deposit, which can be processed using various electronic funds transfer methods, cash is the only acceptable payment option.

What are your measurements?

Specifically statuesque at 5’10” and measuring in at 39” 26 39”.  If you must dive deeper my Adornment page contains more information, you curious cat 😉

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What’s this “screening” thing all about ? What about my privacy & safety?

I appreciate you entrusting me to verify you are the person I want to meet. Not everyone is meant to cross my path. Think of screening as a beautiful wrought iron gate at the start of our journey together. A deterrent in some respect for those not meant for the magic. 

I have a firm belief in mutual respect and your information is securely kept, and will never be shared. Information given out is to verify you are who you say you are. All information obtained through the screening process is destroyed immediately upon completion of verification. If you’d prefer not to use the provided form, please contact me for an unlisted email to send screening details. Thank you for understanding the sacred value of discretion and honoring my safety always.

How will communication take place prior to our planned meeting?

Once you’ve successfully completed the booking form, I will reach out to you via email where our correspondence will take place. I won’t be sharing my phone number until our date is confirmed. I do reserve cellular communication for the day of our planned engagement, or in addition to facilitating coordination as needed post-confirmation.

Are you really the girl in the photos? Why hide your face? What do you look like under the blur?

YES, and can you believe that I’m told my photos don’t do me justice? Safety to me is essential, the choice of blurring my face and having screening protocol provides mutual protection.  For your indulgence and description’s sake-  I have light colored eyes, pillowy lips, high cheekbones, blonde hair and a button shaped nose. My favorite feature is undoubtedly my smile.  

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Do you see women or couples?

Yes, absolutely! Couples may acquire additional information, including considerations by contacting me. Please do submit screening information for the both of you when making a request, also be aware a minimum of 2 hours is required.

Where + When are you available?

I am available by advanced appointment for social, private, and travel engagements. Location wise – I am available worldwide and based in Austin,Texas USA.

What do you offer?

Time genuinely spent together where I am a facilitator of growth, experiences and moments that will leave positive imprints and memories that time can’t erase. 

May I use you as a reference?

Sure thing, If we’ve met in the past 6 months I will happily do so. Be mindful that you must bring this request to my attention prior to me providing any reference confirmation to another companion.

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What provisions & libations do you enjoy?

Delicious food cooked with love! It should also be known I don’t run from an opportunity to try something new. Despite maintaining a primarily “clean” diet, I do allow myself to indulge in life’s more dedicant offerings occasionally. I find that hard work and accomplished achievements always deserve celebration. I am perfectly fine just staying hydrated with fresh water during engagements under 3 hours, or any time together exceeding 3 hours in length a meal is compulsory. 

Alkaline or Sparkling Water, Fresh Juices, Iced Coffee with Almond Milk are my favorites. I rarely drink alcohol but when the moon is blue – Brut Champagnes, fine Cognacs, and Lychee Martinis I prefer (yet to locate one finer than I’ve had at Nobu in Las Vegas, Nevada).

What kind of attire can I expect you to be wearing?

I will surprise you. No need to fret, I’m appropriately and gracefully dressed for any occasion.  I gravitate towards lighter makeup letting my natural beauty shine, yet I’m not afraid of red lipstick ever.

May I make an outfit request?

 If you envision me in a particular fashion, don’t hold your tongue… I’m curious to know your ideas. If I like your taste, I might allow you to outfit me.  I do have modeling experience after all 😉

Can I negotiate your expectations?

You may certainly know that there is no place for judgement in my world (particularly concerning my expectations). However, my boundaries are firm and my expectations are in NO WAY up for negotiation.

Why are your rates so high?

Quality is a matter of experience – which can’t possibly be reflected within a quantified number.

Are you willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes, I certainly will.  An NDA doesn’t have to be in place for your privacy to be assured. By default I honor and respect all individuals who I come into contact with. Keeping ethics strong at my core, I operate from that place and stay mindful always. In order to form any meaningful connection, trust always has to be present.

What traits are you attracted to in others?

I mentioned some traits on my Home page, but to elaborate- Individuals who embrace who they are, aren’t afraid of having fun, are well mannered, and treat others with kindness. I gravitate towards those who don’t run from an opportunity to grow or learn. In addition to the great gift that is a sense of humor (or the ability to handle mine),  I find generous and grateful hearts HIGHLY attractive.

Do you mind planning our date?

You’re in luck, I’m beyond comfortable.  Trade in any bashfulness for the trust in knowing we both will savor every second of what’s to come. Discovering unforgettable places, dreaming up fun activities, and creatively curating our time together are a few of my strong suits. 

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