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Imagine the first day of summer…

Nurturing sunshine, fragrances of blooming silky flowers and sweet fruits in season. The sunrise energizes the day, while memories are illuminated under the warm gaze of moonlight.

I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting this day, so it’s no coincidence you have found me…

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About Me

While my appearance is striking, I am much more than just my beauty. Some may be distracted by the exterior and neglect to look deeper, but you know better.

Despite being in my early 20’s, I am an old soul. However, I haven’t lost my sense of curiosity, my imagination, and my inherently inquisitive spirit. The wonder that radiates from my eyes will never dim with age and passing time. 

Many describe me as the elusive combination of vibrant, compassionate, and magnetic. I live mindfully with a continuous drive and desire to learn, explore, and experience. My fun-loving and jovial disposition balance well with my strength and tenacity.    

I’ve always enjoyed connecting with others. I grew up active in academia, competitive athletics and youth organizations. I believe in surrounding myself with those from whom I gain inspiration and whose influence I purposefully intentionally welcome. I cherish these genuine connections.

Passionate about travel, I thrive when exploring, (I once hopped a plane to Dubai all by myself).  I truly am a believer in “The sky’s the limit”, so rest assured,  I’m a trusted travel companion and look pretty adorable even when facing jet lag. 

A true Epicurean, I’m a sucker for all things high quality, especially those that appeal to any and all of my five senses. Investing a few tranquil hours at the spa is a favorite indulgence. Adventurers need their R&R just like everyone else! 

With an affinity for observing, creating, and actively participating.  Meandering around art installations, to dancing to live vibrant pulsating music, or going to a theatre performance…I’m captivated by it all! I adore the power of expression in all forms, and the ability it holds to resonate with emotion and illustrate human complexities. No need to agree or love … only observe art.  Fashion also holds a dear place in my heart, as I’ve spent time modeling. Being adorned in beautiful clothing and jewels is intoxicating,  actualizing a co-created vision and being able to witness that coming into fruition creatively I am thankful for.  I pinky-promise I put on the best private fashion shows.  I adore getting dolled up, perfectly polished but feel even more gorgeous freshed faced and in my natural skin. 

Captivated by seeing all things blossom and grow,  harmony is something I hold close in my life. I find deep peace in nature, and enjoy meditating.  Valuing self love, Nourishing my mind, soul, and body – all are important to me, I find respite in this. I’m keen on variety into my fitness regime, and always open to try a new class with you? 

While I’m an ambitious young woman with expansive passions and interests, one of my greatest aspirations is philanthropy- creating innovative solutions within our world. I hold the virtue of kindness to a high esteem. Kindness not only towards ourselves but within our interactions. I find kindness attractive- alongside the ability to laugh at my sometimes naughty humor, have stimulating conversations, chivalry, and an enriching presence. 

I’m elated for what the future holds for us… the sunshine of summer comes with offerings that hold endless possibilities…

Until we meet,

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